Opportunities in Iran

18 Feb 2016


Iran, a country rich with abundant resources of Oil and Gas reserves and Mines like Copper, Quartz, Zinc, Iron ore, etc. has a high potential for business opportunities. 


On January 16th 2016, successive sanctions against Iran since last 37 years were lifted. Iran is currently home to 1.5% of the global GDP and is the 18th largest economy in the world, presenting itself as a strong business-case for significant Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). For the Iranian government, this means an immediate access to USD 150 billion in frozen assets, and an opportunity to rebuild the country’s industrialized economy. For businesses, the most immediate and significant sanctions to be lifted (against Iran) are the financial sanctions that have barred the country from playing in the global financial markets.


Here are some quick facts:

  • Iran has the second largest proven gas reserves in the world after Russia.

  • It also ranks fourth in oil reserves.

  • It is OPEC`s 2nd largest oil exporter and is an energy superpower.

  • It is the third country in the world to have developed GTL (Gas to Liquid) technology.


Cost of labour is cheap in Iran which is an advantage for setting up manufacturing base for many overseas companies. There are many private companies in Iran which has sourcing requirements from a global market or want to sell their products globally.

Datum Hindustan would be pleased to associate with companies who are keen to develop business with Iran as we have our office and local team in Tehran which assists in business association and overcomes language barrier resulting in effective dealings. Please email your business interest at iran@datumhin.com / siddharth@datumhin.com